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Make an Underwater Volcano – Learn Convection

Make an Underwater Volcano

Convection currents are a tough subject to teach and to understand, but this science demo makes it a heck of a lot easier.  Almost everyone will have these materials to do the science experiment in their home.


Food coloring

A small piece of aluminum foil

Small flask (or glass)

Large beaker (0r glass)


Cool Science Demo Video

How does this experiment relate to science?

This discrepant event shows how convection currents work.  A convection current is the way that heat rises and falls in liquids and gases.  Some classic examples of convection currents are hot air balloons, wind, and a pool that is hotter at the surface and cooler at the bottom.   The hot water in my demo rises and is displaced by the colder water.

Higher-Level Questioning

What happens with the heat from a volcano at the bottom of the ocean?

How do you get a hot air balloon back down to the ground?

Think you have the answers?  Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. demetrius says:

    i really like it

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  3. Mr. Kesler says:

    Alec, come by next year after school and we will do the experiment in my classroom. Bring your friends. See ya soon!

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