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Floating Ping Pong Ball

The Floating Ping Pong Ball

The floating ping pong ball is sure to wow your family and friends.  The really cool part about this science experiment isn’t that the ball floats when you’re pointing the hair dryer straight up, but that it floats after you angle the hair dryer.


Ping Pong Ball

Hair Dryer

Cool Science Demo Video

How does this experiment relate to science?

The science behind this demonstration is called Bernoulli’s principle.  The air flow from the hair dryer speeds up as it slips by the ping pong ball.  This creates an area of low pressure around the ping pong ball.  The higher pressure air in the room surrounds the low pressure and keeps the ball floating in mid-air.  Magic?  No, it’s just Bernoulli’s principle!

Higher-Level Questioning

Can you float more than one ping pong ball in the air stream?

What would happen if you added a toilet paper tube between the hair dryer and the floating ping pong ball?

Think you’re smart enough to answer?  Post your answers in the comments section below.


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